Free Foam Technology

Free Foam Technology Delivers a Well Cushioned Ride.


Rackle technology

We understand. Most of us have shoes on our feet for what seems like days on end. At Rackle we wanted to create not only a planet-friendly (sustainable & biodegradable) shoe but one that was incredibly comfortable and extremely lightweight. Something you can feel as good about wearing as you do while wearing it.

Designed in an everyday wear and weighing in at 6 ounces, our footwear packs features and benefits into both the hemp upper and the Eco-Pure® foam outsole.

Rackle incorporates Free Foam Technology into every one of our lightweight shoes, through a combination of proprietary PLEXUS ARCH™ design and a specifically engineered Tri-density Foam Sole System.


The unique Rackle cushioned ride feel comes from the TRI-DENSITY FOAM SOLE SYSTEM which incorporates our patent pending PLEXUS ARCH™ technology. Design and molding techniques are blended to create a variety of density areas throughout the sole. A softer center zone compresses more than the perimeter and the bottom tread of the shoe providing all day comfort to the wearer. 


Our Research and Development team has engineered a new arch geometry that uses everyday movement (e.g. walking, etc.) to enhance the function of the wearer’s Plantar Venous Plexus Pump – the foot arch that is involved with the function of pumping the blood back up the leg from the foot. This stimulation, from the PLEXUS ARCH™, with its raised ribbed arch design, encourages all-day comfort and healthy blood flow.

Ordinary footwear uses constructions that have little to no relationship to the anatomy of this foot pump area.