Reduce Your Footprint™

At Rackle, our goal is to produce comfortable, lightweight shoes, made with sustainable hemp-based uppers and soles made from foam that accelerates bio-degradation.

According to the US Department of the Interior, over 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year in the United States alone. Most shoe waste is comprised of non-biodegradable plastic, leather and petroleum-based rubber materials that can take up to 80 years to naturally decompose.

Our approach focused on three main areas:

1) PLANET FRIENDLY: Rackle shoes need to be planet-friendly, focusing on sustainability and being biodegradable

2) TECHNOLOGY & COMFORT: Incorporate innovative technology and superior comfort benefits

3) DESIGN: Be an everyday item that you can wear through the year

The first priority in our shoe development was understanding eco-friendly materials. Our team researched the most sustainable, plant-based materials for our shoe uppers, and tested and analyzed the top earth-friendly foams available. We always follow one requirement when testing materials, that they do not sacrifice any performance or durability.

After locking in on eco-friendly materials, Rackle was beginning to deliver on the brand mission; to create a more sustainable footwear. Our creative team began to focus on developing a unique footwear design incorporating an innovative, patent-pending arch design that provides all-day comfort and stimulation to the area of the foot that encourages blood flow. In addition, we added special contouring in a new three-density foam sole design that offers amazing support in an extremely lightweight (6 oz) shoe.

REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT. RACKLE FOOTWEAR - sustainable, innovative technology, with superior comfort, everyday styling, and weighing in at only 6 oz.

*Using the ASTM D5511 test method,(EVA outsoles/midsoles) containing EcoPure® were found to biodegrade 52% over 457 days of independent 3rd-party testing. The test conditions were >51% solids, which is representative of some, not all landfill conditions. Results shall not be extrapolated past the actual duration of the test.