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9 Hemp Shoes For The Highest Sustainability

August 3, 2022: Sustainable Jungle 

US-based footwear brand Rackle is on a mission “to produce the most comfortable, sustainable, and biodegradable lightweight shoes that naturally help reduce your carbon footprint.” Click here for the whole story.

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Episode 7: Let's Talk Hemp (if the Shoe Fits)

February 25, 2021: Waste 360 

In this episode of Stef Talks Trash, Editorial Director Stefanie Valentic discusses the use of hemp as a sustainable alternative with Rackle's Joe Napurano. Click here for the whole story.


5 Sustainable Gifts for Outdoor Lovers and Urban Adventures

November 26, 2020: Terradrift

"They’re comfortably stylish and super sustainable. The uppers are made out of eco-friendly hemp and the foam soles and footbeds have been treated with a special science-y concoction that speeds up the decomposition" Click here for the whole story.

The Amazing, Biodegradable Shoe from Rackle

October 23, 2020: terradrift 

"You read that right! It's a sneaker! That's biodegradable! How? Science, obviously. Watch to learn more about how, why, and all the reasons you need a pair of Rackle shoes in your life." Click here to watch the review!




Back To College Essentials 2020

August 12, 2020: Yoga + Life 

"This may be the most sustainable pair of shoes we’ve tested." Click here for the whole story.

Yoga + Life

Rackle Shoes are awesome

August 7, 2020: Run Oregon 

"I hereby present to you the most airy, comfortable, kick-around shoe" Click here for the whole story.

Run Oregon

Rackle Introduces Planet Healthy Footwear

July 6, 2020: SNEWS 

"a new eco smart extremely lightweight footwear brand that very well may be the most sustainable pair of shoes ever made." Click here for the whole story.


Saving the Planet One Pair of Shoes at a Time

June 23, 2020: Gear Hungry  Editor's Rating: "5 Stars"

"...U.S.-based footwear brand built on the principle of developing eco-friendly footwear to help lessen the shoe industry's impact on the planet, one pair of shoes at a time." Click here for the whole story.

Gear Hungry

These Shoes Are Meant to Fall Apart

June 11, 2020: The GearJunkie

"The shoes are made from a custom hemp fabric, with antimicrobial lining and lacing made from recycled PET water bottles. " Click here for the whole story.

These Shoes Are Meant to Fall Apart

June 10, 2020: Inside Outdoor Magazine

"...these shoes has been painstakingly engineered to deliver a not just a lightweight super comfortable shoe focused on foot health, but also a sustainable shoe..." Click here for the whole story.

These sustainable shoes by Rackle are made from hemp

May 18, 2020: Inhabitat

"What better way to put your best eco-friendly foot forward than with a stylish, comfortable pair of sustainable shoes?" Click here for the whole story.

Rackle Debuts Sustainable, Hemp-based Athleisure Sneaker

Spring 2020: look good, feel good and do good in sustainable, earth-friendly footwear from Rackle.

April 21, 2020

BOSTON, MA (March 2, 2020) – Rackle, the Boston, Massachusetts-based brand on a mission to create sustainable and earth-friendly footwear, is proud to announce the launch of its hemp-based ‘Alex’ shoe today. The direct-to-consumer company is targeting the athleisure market with an eco-friendly shoe that marries sustainability, bio-degradation, patent-pending arch support technology, style and comfort. 

The astonishingly lightweight, 6-ounce sneaker retails for $89.99 and come in three different colors. Available in both men's and women's sizes, the Alex is designed from a specialized plant-based upper and a tri-density foam sole. While they're not high-performance athletic shoes, the Alex are incredibly sturdy, supportive, water-resistant, lightweight, breathable, and they're machine-washable.

No need to wait years for other shoe brands to reach ultimate sustainable targets, Rackle is there today.  By definition, the word Rackle connotes “Disruption” and, unlike the current footwear industry, Rackle doesn’t need to phase in sustainability over the course of seasons, product lines and years. Rackle enters the market with the “Alex” -- a thoughtfully designed eco-friendly shoe that is perfectly suited for year-round use at the office or the park. The Alex delivers on sustainable design, comfort and satisfaction. 

Rackle's senior designer, Joe Napurano, stated “Rackle uses innovative plant-based materials, such as industrial hemp, in our products. We also incorporated a special foam sole technology that promotes bio-degradation. Once your shoes have completed their life of providing you style and comfort, we’ll help you find a home for them through our non-profit partners, or should you discard, they are designed to breakdown at an accelerated rate compared to traditional footwear under biologically active landfill conditions."

The new Rackle Alex shoe is now available for purchase online and comes with free shipping and a 30-day guarantee or a full refund policy. The box they come in is designed with an emphasis on sustainability: rather than shipping out a shoe box within a shipping box, the Alex shoe box itself is the mailer.

About Rackle:  Rackle is a direct-to-consumer company shoe company headquartered in Boston, MA with a mission to create eco-friendly footwear and apparel that marries sustainability, technology, style and comfort.  With a patent-pending orthotic arch design, plant-based uppers and soles that promotes bio-degradation, Rackle shoes are lightweight, breathable, durable, washable, eco-friendly, and extraordinarily comfortable. Reduce Your Footprint™ with Rackle.  For more information, visit: https://www.rackleshoes.com

Contact: Rackle Marketing Dept.